Inconel is a nickel alloy making it more difficult to machine without causing the component to work harden. Our extensive experience at machining large Inconel parts is why we excel at it. We know our customers cannot afford unexpected delays as a result of microstructural segregation of alloying elements. Toolcraft’s machinists have mastered the technical challenges of machining large Inconel components and producing an uninterrupted reliable parts supply for our customers. Our team of manufacturing professionals knows the distinctive properties of Inconel and adjusts the production process to maximize efficiency while maintaining the part’s resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

High quality, carefully maintained tooling is a key component to successfully machining large Inconel components. Toolcraft maintains an extensive in-house tooling and fixturing capability to ensure our tooling is properly maintained. Additional benefits come from our extensive selection of large automated machining equipment including: Large CNC Turning, Large CNC Boring, Milling, and CMM.

Inconel’s unique properties make it ideal for use in the Military, Aerospace, and Mining industries.