It is our mission to continue prosperous growth through a concerted co operative effort between employees & management, to produce quality products, and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.



Our History

The Company was founded in 1960 by Charles A. Pfannerstill primarily as a xmetal stamping tool and die shop. Charles was succeeded by his two sons, Richard and Charles Chris Pfannerstill. In the late 1980’s the focus of Toolcraft changed toward short-run precision machining. Stamping and stamping dies became secondary as the machining part of Toolcraft expanded to include several small and large CNC machining and turning centers. In 2000, Kathy Pfannerstill joined the management team and succeeded her father, Chris Pfannerstill, as president in 2007.

Our Experience

Since 1960, Toolcraft has invested strategically to provide the most advancedtool and die machining available. We have focused our efforts towards perfecting very large short run pieces. Since we seek out the most challenging of projects our machinists skills have grown to exceed the competition as well as exceed our customer’s expectations.Toolcraft is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the custom manufacture of short-run precision machined parts, complex metal stamping dies and fixtures as well as CMM inspection and wire EDM services.