As 2020 comes to a close, we are very proud to share our safety results. Over the course of last year, we did not have a single OSHA recordable safety incident and experienced zero lost time accidents. By limiting the number of safety incidents, we remain a reliable manufacturer for all our customers. In addition, despite all the obstacles and abnormal challenges, we have had zero days lost resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic, protecting our employees and customer obligations.

Our safety department, led by Adam D., works nonstop to ensure the safety of our employees. By continuously analyzing and evaluating the status of our company, we are able to adapt to new challenges and situations. This analysis allows us to stop safety incidents before they happen. When challenges arrive, we decide how they must be handled and we train our employees accordingly. When asked about our safety management, Adam said the following:

“Safety is not a one man job – it’s the job of the whole shop. Awareness is a huge part of safety; you have to see an accident before it happens. The employees in the shop do a great job of keeping themselves and each other safe and everyone puts their best foot forward when it comes to safety. Nobody wants to get hurt, and our employees help keep injuries to a minimum.”

Our commitment to safety helps our customers by keeping overall costs down and allows for competitive lead times. We deliver quality parts to our customers on time and without any complications. If you are interested in getting quality parts without the complications, begin by requesting a quote.