As an ISO 9001:2015 certified business, Toolcraft Machining is required to undergo an ISO 9001 Surveillance & Recertification Audit every year. Following our 2020 Audit, our Quality team is proud to announce our results of zero non-conformances. Additionally, this year marks the fifth year in a row with zero non-conformances!

To put things into perspective, companies can receive major and minor non-conformances in this annual audit. Should a company receive a major non-conformance, their ISO registration is revoked. If a company receives a minor non-conformance, a Corrective Action is required to rectify the issue. As a result of an annual exam, it is not uncommon for a company to receive between one to three minor non-conformances per year. Here at Toolcraft Machining, however, 2020 commemorates five consecutive years with a perfect record. In fact, even our auditor had words of praise regarding our system:

“Toolcraft has one of the strongest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems I have audited. The management commitment to data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement excels.”

               -Chris Unke, ISO Auditor

We are thankful for the acclaim and are proud to uphold our expectations in our Quality Department. It is no secret that quality is a top priority in our business. Our quality team, led by Chad C., has spent countless hours working to maintain our system, working on and off the shop floor to ensure things run smoothly. When asked what makes quality successful at Toolcraft, Chad responded with the following:

“I believe our successful quality record begins with our strong Quality Management System which provides the framework for measuring and improving our performance through every aspect of the company. In addition to the strong QMS framework, every employee at Toolcraft is dedicated to continuous improvement, focused on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, and is proud of our quality reputation.”

               -Chad C., Quality Manager

Our employees’ commitment to our quality system is a significant factor when looking at the quality of our business, and every employee upholds the standard we maintain at Toolcraft. If you would like to see firsthand what kind of quality we provide, begin by requesting a quote.