Here at Toolcraft Machining, we are excited to announce the newest addition to our machining capabilities: the DMG MORI DMU 125 P duoBLOCK 5-Axis machine. This machine made its debut to the company in September of 2020 and is our first 5-Axis machine. With a 49.2” diameter and 63” tall work envelope, the DMU 125 P duoBLOCK is a precision 5-Axis machine that will create new possibilities for products at Toolcraft Machining.

Two large doors allow for unrestricted crane access to the 49.2”x43.3” rotary table, which support parts up to 6,100lbs.  The Five axis include: XYZ travels of 49.2” x 49.2” x 39.4”, a -30 to 180 degree swiveling B-axis head housing the 12,000rpm, 70 horsepower Spindle, and a 360-degree Rotary Table as the C-Axis.  With HSK-A100 tool connection and 63 available tool pockets, the DMU 125 P can run parts quickly, accurately, and efficiently. The duoBLOCK system allows for increased stiffness and extreme precision while machining. The optimized component structure, large drive systems, and three point supports within the machine create more stiffness while milling, even with the large amount of torque provided by the spindle. This increases the accuracy of machined parts.

The technology within the DMU 125 P is advanced in many ways. The 3D quickSET is a tool kit for checking and improving accuracy of all five axes. The CNC measures spindle displacement and corrects any errors in precision automatically. Additionally, the Renishaw Probe Sensor allows for measurement of pockets and grooves while the part is inside the machine. It is able to measure in hard to reach areas, allowing for easy and accurate inspection. The sensor is able to automatically calibrate, making it easy to save time during the machining process. These time saving features allow us to create parts quicker and cheaper, creating better turnaround for our customers.

Another time saving feature of the DMU 125 P is ability to perform interpolation turning. This machining process takes place in a circular movement around and inside the workpiece, with the spindle perpendicular to the direction of movement. This feature allows us to turn external features on parts in shapes that no other machine can replicate. Interpolation turning can create symmetrical features on non-symmetrical components, allowing the creation of unique parts and features.

We have already begun quoting work for this machine. If you would like to request a quote, you can do so here.