Toolcraft machines military specification parts designed to meet the most demanding military standards. To Toolcraft this is more than a specification; it is our mission to provide the military with components that are precisely on spec.

Toolcraft’s Defense Capabilities

Toolcraft has earned the respect of government agencies serving both military customers and defense contractors for nearly half a century. We enjoy continued support from our military customers for three main reasons:

  • Standards Compliance – Toolcraft has extensive experience complying with documentation and certification requirements, including DFARS material source standards.
  • Machining Options – The exceptional precision of all of our machining to produce the most complex geometries.
  • Super Alloys- Toolcraft is known for its ability to machine material other companies won’t, including Titanium, Ferralium, Hastelloy, Nihard, Inconel and other exotic alloys that meet the special requirements of advanced weapons systems.


Toolcraft is compliant with US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Part 51 and 10 CFR Part 21 reporting of defects and non-compliance.