The Global S Blue CMM uses smart technology and sensor configurations to streamline the creation, execution, and analysis of measurement routines. Upgrading this key piece of our inspection arsenal allows us to stay on the cutting edge of today’s metrology standards.

This leap forward in our technology is a gift our customers will appreciate as well, and here’s why:

  • We can solve the most complex inspection challenges our customers face, spanning an ever-growing number of applications.
  • This new technology expands our ability to use our CMM for the largest projects we take on, without sacrificing the quality or precision of our measurements.
    • It has a measuring range of 59” x 87” x 40” and can handle up to 2.5 tons in weight to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes.
  • The advanced software allows us to provide a new level of depth in the data we report to customers, giving them confidence that the product meets their exact specifications.

Our new CMM addresses a wide range of production requirements including throughput, precision, and shop-floor capabilities. Most importantly, it drastically reduces run times and maximizes our productivity by automatically optimizing:

  • feature measurement,
  • path creating, and
  • machine routing.

Investing in the Hexagon Global S Blue Coordinate Measure Machine puts cutting-edge technology into the capable hands of our team. Upgrading our CMM capabilities to the next level.

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