CNC Machining in Wisconsin and Nationwide

Based in Wisconsin, Toolcraft Machining serves manufacturers nationwide. Located in Germantown, Wisconsin, we provide CNC machining to metro Milwaukee and beyond. Serving customers across the United States means we can meet your needs wherever you are located. We believe if we identify what is important to our customers and integrate our business with their major goals and objectives, we will succeed.

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CNC Machining in Wisconsin

  • Toolcraft Machining can handle large projects for many manufacturing needs, working with a large variety of materials and services.
  • Toolcraft provides high-quality CNC machining for Milwaukee, WI focused on medium to large complex parts that require strong management and additional value-added services.
  • In Germantown, WI we work with manufacturers looking to improve their lead times and services.
  • Based in Wisconsin, we serve local manufacturers with the highest level of customer service.

Nationwide CNC Machining

  • Toolcraft provides CNC machining needs across the United States.
  • We reduce our client’s internal management expenses by serving as the single point of contact throughout the manufacturing process.
  • We offer over 40 value-added services outside of machining to provide solutions in all phases of the manufacturing process.
  • Toolcraft can shorten your lead times with CNC machining on your larger projects today!

Who We Are

What Makes Us Unique

At Toolcraft Machining, we use a customer integrated process to serve customers from around the nation and Wisconsin to fit their needs. We identify our customer’s goals and objectives and align our business with their direction. We also follow through on our commitments. Whether it’s quality requirements, critical delivery dates or agreed upon pricing, our customers can count on us to execute as promised. Furthermore, we invest in our employees. Every year, 5% of total sales is reinvested back into training initiatives that emphasize technical development and leadership.

Experienced Team

Toolcraft Machining has been blessed with three generations of history, knowledge, and experience. Founded in 1960 in Wisconsin by Charles A. Pfannerstill and succeeded by his two sons, Chris and Richard, the company ultimately arrived in the good hands of Kathy Pfannerstill who took ownership in 2016. As a small team, we are blessed with an abundance of industry knowledge and experience. Our average length of service exceeds 10 years. This organization’s loyalty has contributed to our strong reputation within the machining industry.